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Saturday, March 02, 2013


  1. Some people will never know the difference between a "writing job" and "writing". I wish I was one of them.
  2. Savings were bare. But whatever little he could draw out of his hard earned money went into traveling & exploration.
  3. He kept pursuing his passion of writing to keep his soul alive but there was no way he could afford to lose his job
  4. He: you are making this seem like work She: it might be my job but I cant just be a hobby!
  5. student: i've already got a house, why do i need to do anything? teacher: fine, we'll just plant you somewhere then
  6. the calluses gained in the early years of a career will pay for the knee replacement required at sixty
  7. both of them used to repair cycles in an earlier avatar. they never let go of their passion. one ended as a poet, the other a singer
  8. After her day job as a window-seal cleaner,she pursued her hobby by working in the evenings, shooting people with a pinhole camera,
  9. Baking is just a hobby, but we're so good at our job, that sometimes we just have to make a short work of the velvet cakes ourselves


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