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Friday, October 05, 2007

The Background To Local Islam, Local Pressure - BY EMRE KONGAR

The following is from Turkey. Does it sound familiar?- t]

Then why has the threat of Islamic oligarchy recently excited public interest under the name of district Islam or district pressure?

There are two basic reasons:

The first and most important is that this pressure has begun to be felt everywhere, including streets, restaurants, buses and subways.

People, especially women, recognized that this phenomenon has begun to threaten their daily lives.

Secondly, after reelection with a higher vote margin plus the elevation of its candidate Abdullah Gul to the presidency, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), ignoring all the vital issues of the country such as our European Union membership bid, the Cyprus issue, the PKK issue and economic stability, decided to focus on drawing up a new a constitution.

Fanatical, radical Islam, which has recently been gaining strength, did not gain this power by itself.

We should list four mobilizing elements:

1) People’s religious feelings have been exploited by political rulers.

2) Religious sects have been getting stronger through political backing.

3) There is support from the US.

4) Black money coming from religious holdings and Arab capital has provided considerable financial support.

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