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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Need to Develop a Vision for Coexistence

In Pakistan At the Precipice: A Vision for Coexistence I wrote the following on Aug 08, 2007

Need to Develop a Vision for Coexistence

The politician led kakistocracy and the Army led k(h)akistocracy both have failed to address the core problems afflicting the country – runaway population growth, poverty, corruption, mismanagement, lack of basic healthcare, unavailability of basic necessities such as drinking water, electricity, decaying infrastructure and lack of trust in institutions.

Sane elements in the military see the bad influence of long term civilian rule affecting Army morale and efficiency. Some politicians privately also agree to the necessity of the Army’s role in curbing and checking the violent forces unleashed in the country.

A Pakistani version of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission is needed here to re-establish trust and to create a breathing room for the democratic traditions to take root.

There is a need for the Army and the politicians to come to an understanding on some power sharing formulae. A reinvigorated National Security Council moderated by a Constitutional Court along Turkish lines can allay the fears of both the Army and the Politicians.

The status quo of ad-hoc management of the affairs of the nation, and the policy of divide and rule should be abandoned in favour of national consensus and reconciliation.

There is a need for statesmen who can bring out in the open an understanding where both can co exist

The trial balloons being launched of a Reconciliation Ordinance or Bill that will pardon some politicians and forgive their crimes and violations of laws of Pakistan is a underhanded measure that is self serving and will not work. It is not sincere and will backfire in the long run.

It is blatantly obvious to us how those in power (and those aspiring for power) will sell their mothers if necessary to retain power.


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