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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nawaz Sharif: Unanswered Questions - Azam Khalil

Moving on one saw Sharif "win" massively in general elections and it was expected that the new found power would convince the Prime Minister to introduce reforms that would strengthen the institutions and ensure that democracy worked well. It was also expected that he would alleviate the suffering of the poor. Instead he introduced the yellow cab scheme that created serious financial problems for banks.

Since Sharif only thrived in confrontation, he picked up the judiciary as his next target and through Rafiq Tarar was able to remove the Chief Justice who was moving towards independence and that was a situation that made Nawaz Sharif "uncomfortable" and perhaps weak.

Sharif then forced the Sheikh military boss to resign so that he could become an "emperor" or ameer ul momineen according to some of his close aides of that time.

Sharif then conspired with Shahid Hamid, a deputy secretary finance when Haneef Ramay was finance minister and Abida Hussain to dump Farooq Leghari. The politician from Choti had masterminded a civilian coup against his party and leadership and perhaps deserved the treatment received by him. This time his close associates minus Salman Taseer were responsible for his unceremonial exit.

Nawaz Sharif made a cardinal political sin when he invited the army to run civil affairs for him. His invitation resulted in the khakis taking over WAPDA, health and education all vital sectors of the economy. The result was a quasi-civil setup where the army started play increasing assertive role thereby weakening or even wiping out the traditional role of democratic leadership resulting in weakening of the whole system.

He then moved on with the help of Saif ur Rehman to institute several cases against Benazir Bhutto with the sole aim of trying to weaken Peoples Party politically. The mistake made by Sharif here was that instead of following the normal course, he created an organization to hound Benazir and Asif Ali Zardari creating an impression as if the former first couple were an island of sin and corruption in a sea of righteousness and honesty.
His own party men were involved in greater evils and massive corrupt practices but for Sharif the only evil was Peoples Party. By weakening a popular party Sharif did no service to the country except by subverting the process of democracy which later on resulted in the intervention of the army and that has in turn created complex and serious problems for this country.

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