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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Media Watch: Power-sharing talks ‘totally stalled’: Benazir Bhutto

You must have read the following news item or have heard it on the radio or seen excerpts on the TV. And I wonder that not a single vote has yet been cast in the free and fair election. Does BB have a crystal ball that tells her she is the one who will win a majority? Why is the media not questioning this? Are they too complicit?

If the answer is yes to above, then all her public posturing seems suspect. The crystal ball could answer her other concerns as well!

If the answer is no, then her stand is compromised already. Only fixed elections can guarantee her a majority (and thus her concerns about removing the two term limit on PMs)

And regarding the dropping of corruption charges against her. If you watch the media then tell me who has asked hard questions and done reports on what were those charges? Who else was involved? How much money pilfering are we talking about?

Is this Ordinance now being discussed a smoke-screen by the current leaders to absolve their own in the garb of helping make this deal with BB? How many ministers in the current Administration stand to benefit from this?

And one more: tell me who in the media is asking these hard questions?


Power-sharing talks ‘totally stalled’: Benazir Bhutto
LONDON, Oct 3 (AP) Power-sharing talks with President Musharraf are “totally stalled,” despite an amnesty offer over corruption charges against Benazir Bhutto, the former premier said Wednesday. “The power-sharing deal is totally stalled,” she said on arrival at talks of her Pakistan People's Party in London, adding: “It's absolutely wrong the news the corruption charges have been dropped.” President Musharraf is refusing to say when he will implement key reforms, complicating power-sharing talks, Benazir said Wednesday.

''He is not prepared to give a full immunity bill, he is not prepared to lift the ban on a twice-elected prime minister, he is not prepared to bring about election reforms that are necessary for a fair election, he is not prepared to bring about a balance of power between the presidency and the prime minister,'' she said. (read repeal of 58-2-b here --t) ''He is prepared to say this will be done at some indefinite, indeterminate future time. But none of it can be done for the presidential election, and after the presidential elections, well it's another day, and we will see.'' (FirstPosted @ 08:55 PST Updated @ 16:30 PST)


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