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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


  1. "Good things come in small packages?" she jeered, "I'll reserve my comments till the morning after." Tyrion was her first imp.
  2. 'what is a mere joke for you, is my entire existence.' She turned and went back to texting on her smartphone.
  3. "Turtles are browngreenyellow. This one's a funny fellow." "Yes, but he'll be the prettiest when he twirls."
  4. The play was a disaster.Puck was drunk & Titania might as well have been pirouetting on hot coals.Rotten eggs were in order
  5. all arnd leaves twirled to d ground/impish winds/trees ignored d jeering/there was a time wen they cried/as fallen were blown away.
  6. Seems some parliamentarians were elected to twirl their mustaches, jeer, shout, and grin impishly at each other.
  7. Don't mock my topsy turvy life. It is with a big grin that I let the great world spin.
  8. thanks : Prompts : impish, jeer,twirl tagging for prev anthos here
  9. He wears an impish smile, leading me on into a dark abyss with no return. A final twirl and whoop and poof! It all goes up in smoke.
  10. done. thanks : Prompts: Voyeurism, abjure, alacrity ..Dance My pretties dance tagging for


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