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Saturday, September 14, 2013


  1. The magnitude of his kitsch dawning on him, an ageing Yanni stuffs himself with pastry as he flies his private jet into the acropolis
  2. 'Believe in your cosca and the treats will make you fly' - Don Cannoli
  3. : eyes glazed, he watched; bloodied mane of a prized stallion, downed another cannoli, & walked out; a plane to catch
  4. Sweet something's and the hair on the neck prickling in anticipation. Soon they will be on another plane, altogether.
  5. Angel hair pasta draped over them was just foreplay to the flight of imagination.
  6. titular; tubular; feather-fine / a crown that shines & glows / bonding hearts in its mine / until the balding shows
  7. the Maine Plain Lasagna was anything but - its contents a mystery still
  8. much to jim mane's surprise the airport security let him carry the four cannolis he bought for his son on the plane
  9. Guiseppe sanded his tools in the Panamanian heat. Brushing the sweat from his locks, thoughts of childhood a dessert filled his mind.
  10. "I was wondering if any folks here had had any problems taking cannoli onthe plane with them."
  11. thanks & welcome back:) : Prompts for : mane, plane, cannoli. tagging or for
  12. was sitting by d window/a knight on horse/rode along/sparkling mane lit d cloudy sky/turbulence woke him/tea in d cup was still hot.
  13. "What shd I bring for you?"/"A bottle of horse mane shampoo for me."She replied./He took another plane/Never to return/Sent a parcel.


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