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Thursday, September 12, 2013


  1. She Was Irresistible Because she was always daring enough to go places no one would. Ever.
  2. 'Let's play the game' 'Letter C' 'Answer?' 'Charlie - Cemetery - Cat - Chocolate'
  3. Saavdhan: Aattey ka putla. Kripiya isse naam naa dein, rishtaa na jodein.
  4. game-name,place,animal,thing/brought back memories from d past/the lost bet/ lasting in promise to settle for nothing less than MIT.
  5. whiskey tango foxtrot: plans were dropped for allah cola after the fiasco of mecca cola
  6. prompts: edible gods, volatile experiments, the game-name place animal thing. Tagging for
  7. Uakari. A sort of monkey. The finger gnawing should maybe stop now.
  8. Failing to think of an animal with U, unable to face his little daughter, daddy began to gnaw at his fingers, and was unable to stop.
  9. She mocked beliefs he had long revered as they tried Kegels.Then she said "Let's play name,place,animal,thing". He was but a project.


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