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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


  1. the night crept slowly/garden roses turned black/the old fort windows closed in unison/the witches were in mood/for the halloween.
  2. Distinct smell emerged from d crop fields.Its witch's warning said priest.His son from time to time made ppl walk to priest for help.
  3. : dear maulana: stop the witch hunt, smell the roses & harvest your opium crop. it'd be more profitable
  4. my senses deaden; my brain short circuits, flat-lines. What devilish power is this? the infernal phone debate
  5. Girl, you could seriously use some shampoo. I mean, even a witch has a better-smelling crop of hair.
  6. she went lengths to win him. Crop circles,blood drinking, tattoos, Ben Pearce, drums, not washing. Then one day, she woke up gay. End
  7. switch which witch crop which witch so the fragrance overwhelms the illusion?
  8. "Lower the volume crop that hair I look like a witch you never listen..." He simply twirled a lock of her hair round his nose.
  9. thank : prompts: smell; crop; witch; tagging for prev anthos here


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