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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


  1. : "life is fickle sarah. it is not a train nor a station. they go nowhere. cobblers know this fact." forrest al bakistani
  2. Careful my lady, lest you get derailed, for your bride train is a fickle trousseau & not fit for the train.
  3. "The Hogwarts Express is a fickle transport, Harry. Train is as train does. Remember that." - Gilderoy Lockheart
  4. Flashes of happiness. Fleeting moments. And Instagram.
  5. Rode d train of life/ flashing ornaments of faith/ tiding over fickle thoughts/ till the crossing/where they finally met/for d next.
  6. Wind messed wid weak flame/but candle had willingness to burn/curtains struggled along to keep away d dark/night enjoyed its theatre.
  7. : lover's lament on the train home: this pressure cooker was my thoughtful gift for her too bad she expected a deboer
  8. Traded d precious ornament.Catching d last train seemed important.Alas,how wld he recognize her.Kept thinking but her eyes gave away.
  9. So the soldiers continued to mark time to 'dolce et decorum est' that someone had edited over with 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet'


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