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Friday, September 06, 2013


  1. It masked as Euphrates, the fragrance of the Damascene to Mesopotamia. Many centuries before the stench covered Damascus.
  2. Misty Venice. Draped my love in a silken shroud, set her off in a gondola on which i'd scratched our names.The last bit was a mistake
  3. in the folds, I hide myself. lost in dreamy filaments of possibility
  4. people in nylon purdah shouldn't start fires
  5. Outsiders will not understand the pattern. Let it remain hidden.
  6. herr dr. president threw a ball for the departing inspectors. the invite requested damascene to wear masks made of damask.
  7. His lisp was like an April shower. Like you knew you'd need an umbrella, or even a mask, but "wouldn't that look odd?"


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