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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


  1. Cherry-tinted lips. The Velvet Underground. Black wallpaper. There are worse places to be Than an Ivory Tower. And I am no princess.
  2. We shall walk in velvet shoes Wherever we go O fair maiden! Make me a cherry pie Whenever I ask you so
  3. "So, while washing dishes I should be considerate that you're waiting for dessert?!" He kissed her softly, "My, what a tart cherry"
  4. : : robinood's chivalry red cherries blue velvet (david lynch's or dennis hopper's) kaun jeeta hay? jeet ta hay?
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  6. In his land, Princesses know the value of a buck. They compete in blood sports and chew on cherry pits. So no one dare conquer them.
  7. Hearts grow on trees in Progesteroneland.
  8. "CAKE!" she smiled. He got her fruit. "CAKE!" she asked. He got her a cat. "CAKE!" she begged. He got her a ring. Both gave up.
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