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Saturday, June 22, 2013


  1. It took a kitten & some flowers to lure her out and the throne was all his. He was shallow, but then she found someone better
  2. Flowers here.Flowers there.Only if could decide whether to pluck'em or not.Liked'em dried & hanging amidst the green.
  3. : he sent her a black rose hoping she'd get the message before slumping on the sofa
  4. A cat sleeps on a wobbly chair next to a table with fritillaries in a crystal vase and a human skull with a lynchpin hole.
  5. It is the seat of kings, powerful and twisted. You should expect thorns everywhere. It will be long before you'll win your spurs
  6. pull out before the prick droops
  7. Purgatory is you. The waiting. The hating. The fire that rages Will kill us both.
  8. In the bonfire she threw Her cut hair, her rings, her locket His letters, and his portrait. Yet The Saint still said She was vain.
  9. The feudal brought his cook who volunteered his own soul too for the feudal. The devil refused both. Sycophancy sickened him.
  10. One cut and thorns fall from the wound. Several more and the words still do not flow. She knows there are more circles of hell to go.
  11. Prompts for from : Dante chair, flowers, spur. Pls RT.
  12. The only remnants of your Throne will be ashes and dust. The fire in your belly is what will be the end of us all.
  13. Gurdaspur se le ke Lahore takk. Jahan tak nazar jaye khoon phaila hai.


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