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Saturday, June 22, 2013


  1. vengeance is mine, saith the blond physicist, as she proves beyond doubt the innate stupidity of man
  2. : Q: can i use peroxide while fasting? A: NO it is haraam Q: why? A: they use pig's hair as an ingredient.
  3. I struggle with myself. Against anger & vengeance & hate. Why must you make this battle an easy one, you dimwitted devil?
  4. They sin the whole year, fake blondes and real fun. Today they will repent. And God will forgive. You gotta love religion.
  5. She hid her face so he couldn't see The gum. Guilt. He must be hungry. His brown eyes met her blue. Dark hands took out A cigarette.
  6. Back in those days, a friend's cook Ramzan had black hair. He liked to stay peacefully stoned & made the best chappaatiis.
  7. Sometimes the seasons trail behind the territory, the sun sinks too soon and the night waits on all the cinders
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