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Friday, June 21, 2013


  1. Her letters told her story; incomplete- Without a shape Without a sound Arguing But For her Insanity
  2. opal seams run through the earths pressure points, writing a history of turmoil in brilliant colour
  3. unable to read the Presidents handwriting, the General sent the troops to Iowa
  4. Hubris dictates. This story will not end well.
  5. In all the circular ruins, her Borgesian logic found no hero. The nightmare? An unending dream. The Hero of the tale? Calligraphy.
  6. : with her mont blanc she wrote him in firm, flowing, rounded writing, "go to hell." he chose karachi.
  7. She wrote a good hand; she had conciliation and almond eyes, and the smell of her garments was like the smell of Lebanon.
  8. Her lashes would slowly enfold subsuming forever the triptych set in the bezel of her grissailed eyes
  9. After much hotheaded contention it was understood that the enigmatic symbol used by the ancients connoted nothing more than an 'egg'


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