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Sunday, June 23, 2013


  1. My eyes rain. The joy I feel in your anguish, when you think you've hurt me (as if you could), is a rush. I own you through tears.
  2. It rains and rains on all terrains. The Gods and Lords of Pain are out of breath. Songs have flooded the valley of shadow of death.
  3. what is it with rain & rush hour that leads to rash driving? koi batlai kay hum batlaiN kya?
  4. Rain Gods rashly bestowed & prayers were answered.Only the pilgrims weren't asking for rainfall but prosperity & raining riches.
  5. Rushed to pull her out.Rain stopped after three days.It was only after that she noticed the rash on her wrist.Man or Monster?!
  6. patharo aaj mere sar pe baraste kyuuN ho / maiN ne tum ko bhi kabhi apna khuda rakha hai
  7. In the dark of the night all her wounds marched by naked; Bodies pickling with salt Of her tears unshed.


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