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Sunday, June 16, 2013


  1. guilt over the cattle prod incident vanished the instant the crown was placed on her head - Beef Week Queen at last!
  2. in the hemmed-in space with infinite time for remorse, each second takes an hour
  3. He picked his scythe for yet another stubborn unrepentant Northerner as the last grains of sand trickld down.Lassos might be handier
  4. For king & collier alike, t'was a cruel monster if anythng that chained their fates. Little did they know that redemption is man made
  5. You want the moon? Just say the word I'll throw a lasso around it & pull it down Just a sec honey, let me finish washing the dishes
  6. Sorry but I only teach cooking. How to bewitch his mind & ensnare his senses, is an art predisposed to wives since time immemorial
  7. time expands to fill the agonies and shortens for ecstasies
  8. Time can only be fathomed with time. In time outside time, there is no passing: regrets are revisited as bodies and music is a thing.
  9. I am tied in chains to the follies I have held close. If I am free, I step into the real world. If I am free, I am not me.
  10. : it was a dark cloudy night. in the dimly lit bar it was unclear who lassoed whom. after a dozen children they repented.


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