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Thursday, June 13, 2013


  1. Standing in Circus Maximus, with a rag & leather tunic as everything that stood between the him & the tiger, he aimed for the jugular
  2. It was clearly a breach of the 'ask-before-you-use-my-wardrobe' trust, but her smart dressing was bang on target for the evening
  3. What's classier? Bond or Batman Breaking a signal On The Mall Road
  4. Dan Cupid oh what a sham, they trill upon sub vocal edge, if the wrong man the woman, wrong woman the man
  5. Strike even past midnight hour when hearts beat like tendrils, little snow flakes of clumsy autumn leaves, cascading like summer dew
  6. she kept saying yesyesOyes (and for a change) he kept saying nonono but score they did oh no!
  7. This is my life. A small collection of things I gained, things I loved, things I broke. You - are all three.
  8. Prompts for Violation, Bulls Eye, Chic tagging for


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