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Friday, September 28, 2012


#TS294 Setting up a crime racket in Canada's no easy job, but it's what we do. In fact, we'll do it up faster than the speed of sound.

Smoked salmon, caviar & champagne at twice the speed of sound. 'Ah the good life,' he thought. Unfortunately death was eavesdropping. #TS294

#TS294 In debris was found sketch of a lighthouse drawn over a CosaNostra napkin.Caption read 'Only if my life was as smooth as this flight'

#TS294 'Elections are near. I need some blood', he whispered in his thick Italian accent. His daughter's flight to Canada crashed next week.

#TS294 With no time for one last time, the secret lovers gripped hands. Memories of salmon fishing in Nova Scotia flashed before their eyes.

the plane crash in Canada was attributed to a mafia hijacking gone awry, but it was the result of a jilted romance b/w the two pilots #TS294


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