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Monday, September 24, 2012


#TS290 She tripped over her own feet. We laughed. She bought herself a jet plane, and flew to the Caracas. Oh, how the tables had turned.

#TS290 "Hot pink seatbelts? That's like, so hot." She sneezed loudly, and thought "Why won't anyone wish me Schadenfreude when I sneeze?"

#TS290 How they laughed and laughed and laughed. Getting out of Charles De Gaulle Airport, he thought "next time,I'll book a 7-star hotel."

#TS290 His life was a series of Mile High clubs and transitory hook-ups. Wish I could have rejoiced at the emptiness of his existence.

Sad girls,find their idol,Paris Hilton,arrested for a violation. Overprotective mothers on cloud nine aboard schadenfreude airplanes. #TS290

It was no Paris,and certainly no Hilton.Their jet setting life was over, she observed with immense joy! #TS290

#TS290 "I don't really think,I just walk."she quoted Paris Hilton,he gloats every time she slips,reminds of d day they met in d aeroplane.


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