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Sunday, September 23, 2012


#TS289 "I don't want to watch you waste your life learning languages." "Leave me alone, mom" he said, which made her feel rather murderous.

#TS289 'So u did sign pact with the devil?' 'I didn't!' 'U lie! I saw it myself!' The bullet was soundless.& so was the news of honorkilling

The manual didn't quite turn out how he wanted it. They'd never believe his reconnaissance. It made him want to kill 'em all. #TS289

The spy sighed to himself as he read the decoded text. "At least it won't be homicide", he thought, "I'm not even human any more!" #TS289

A homicide cop, spies with his little eyes in the skies, an incriminating text, simple and plain, left by a skywriting plane. #TS289

#TS289 Went to meet,following d text.A familiar face crossed him at d gate.A bullet hit him."Detective?! Whyyyy?",she replied,"no,a killer."

#TS289 "Meet me at 5",d text said.A familiar face crossed him at d gate.D bullet hit him."Detective?!Why shoot?".She replied,"no,a killer."

#TS289 'Don't kill my dreams',she pleaded to slumber spying over her night. 'Let me render them with words at least.Let me write tombstones'


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