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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Launched to navigate space, it was 17 secs and boom. The crew compartment encased all of them, when found in the Atlantic. #TS292

#TS292 "These are not Drones!" He sounded hysterical, "these are the falling stars of the fallen. Death Angel rides over them."

"Look mom, in the sky!" "They are fallen angels sent to earth in burning coffins." "Why is it so beautiful then?" "Sin always is." #TS292

#TS292 That solitary jaw gleamed in the sun as it fell from the sky.'Kaffan tayyar karo' I shouted.'Humara sadar hawa mein phat gaya hai.'

a meteor died April 4, 1979. the second c130 carrying the casket landed at jacobabad.a helicopter ferried it to nau dero for burial. #TS292

#TS292 "I'll bury you at sea", she had promised me. She still streaks bright across my twilit memories, but she can't keep her promise to me

#TS292 "Importing coffins to Karachi isn't quite going to pay for my space flight", he thought ruefully. "I might as well wish upon a star."

#TS292 So bright was the meteor shower, Count OBL had to take refuge in his coffin. His treacherous wife promptly fedexed him to Waziristan.

#TS292 As they laid the coffin for burial/a meteor caught his gaze/made a wish/crossed d limit to burn/to d delight of gazers/more like her.

#TS292 Murderous pirates patrolled the channel, looking for lost stargazers. They were more interested in filling coffins than spice racks.


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