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Thursday, September 20, 2012


#ts286 In the ruins of my heart-kingdom lie only the odd remnants of angst and torment. Migratory birds often stop to rest out of pity.

If eyes make the window to the soul, she had scary eyes. The window showed an injured bird fluttering to break free from caging ruins #TS286

#TS286 As ash spread out over Pompeii, the storks grew apprehensive about their soiled plumage. "This always fucking happens to us."

#TS286 Breaking News from the Colosseum: Postmen ambushed and pelted with 'white stuff'. Carrier pigeons prime suspects. Nessuno incriminato

The writer hadn't written a word in days. His life was in ruins but he just did not care. Only one thing was to blame. Angry Birds. #TS286

The branch cracked. The nest toppled to the ground, smashing all the eggs, leaving the angst-ridden ornithologist with suicidal guilt #TS286
#TS286 She gazed at d birds inside d big cage/reminded of her married life/now ruins/he liked'em trapped/sighed,"its time to set these free"

#TS286 he sat in the ruins/relived past amongst ruins/fed birds/gave him peace/angst had lasted long ago/fallen feathers wrote his story.

#TS286 There in the ruins of his faith,coated in bird-droppings, he waited with steely resolve for his phoenix to appear.Only pigeons came.



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