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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hilary Clinton, Organic Lawncare, Microwave Ovens

She was supposed to be the strong woman in Obama's cabinet, but Hillary Clinton has been remarkably muted as secretary of state. On Wednesday she sought to reclaim her foreign policy position -- but the White House stole her thunder. As US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approached the podium to address the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington, the seating had been as carefully stage-managed as if this were an election campaign event. Fighting For Influence in Obama's White House

The Best Way to Fertilize Your Lawn
Organic fertilizer delivers lower doses of nutrients, and nourishes the soil, not the plant. See why that's a good thing. See all 21 organic lawn care tips

11 Surprising Facts and Myths About Microwave Ovens Microwaves are energy efficient and convenient. But what does the radiation do to our food, and can it affect our health? Also see surprising uses for vodka, ketchup and olive oil.


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