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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Benazir's assasination and establishing the truth

Chile’s UN ambassador Heraldo Munoz said, ‘If you think that there will be smoking guns in terms of names, our report is not that. We will try to establish the truth....anything else is beyond our realm.’

So, no names, we're the UN, please!

Heck, how many millions did the GoP dished out to the UN?

It is all a sham. If the parameters for the UN "Inquiry" into her assassination forbid them to mention names, then what good is it?

Just for the asking Gulzeb Khan the rickshaw driver or Wali the coolie at Cantt. Station could tell anyone listening that Benazir is Dead.


Now that we have 'established the truth' can we move on to less serious business?

Where is the handwritten will?


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