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Sunday, March 09, 2008

What next for bloggers after Friday Project folds?

What next for bloggers after Friday Project folds?

The Friday Project - which specialised in turning blogs into books - has hit the wall, but could be bought by Rupert Murdoch

Blogging might be good business for mini-media moguls like Nick Denton, but not everyone's having it so good: the Telegraph's reported that The Friday Project - a small British publisher which made a niche out of taking popular bloggers and getting them to write books - has gone under.

Among the titles the company published were Rachel "North"'s misery memoir Out of the Tunnel and Blood, Sweat and Tea by ambulance worker Tom Reynolds.

According to my sources, The Friday Project has always operated a fairly predatory approach to the web; offering most of their writers fairly desultory rewards for their work, especially compared to the deals offered some other bloggers). Still, any penny pinching didn't appear to help the bottom line much... the company's accounts look rough, with losses of £705,713 last year.

What next? Well, the Telegraph says Harper Collins - a book publishing arm of Darth Murdoch's NewsCorp Death Star - is buying the company. But what becomes of the bloggers and their books? Not clear - directors Scott Pack and Clare Christian both say they can't comment on the situation.


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