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Saturday, March 08, 2008

FIR Against Lawyers

If there is a loss of a single life
If public property is damaged
If there is violence

because of this protest week by the lawyers

then an FIR should be lodged in that city holding Aitezaz Ahsan and that city's Lawyers' Association responsible


because the new parliament is about to be sworn in in a few days and all this protest against Musharraf and the caretakers government is so senseless and futile. If educated lawyers resort to these plebeian measures than what can we expect of the more uncouth ?

Lawyers Rally Against Musharraf Government - Jane Perlez

Fresh from being released after four months in detention, Mr. Ahsan said that the recent parliamentary elections were not enough proof that President Pervez Musharraf’s government was dedicated to democracy. He insisted that the next step had to be the release of the former chief justice, Mohamed Iftikhar Chaudhry, who was fired along with most of the Supreme Court during a state of emergency imposed by Mr. Musharraf on Nov. 3. Mr. Chaudhry and nine other justices remain in detention.

“Our struggle is to make Pakistan a state where the judiciary is independent, and what Musharraf did to the chief justice is an example of how under him no judge is ever independent,” Mr. Ahsan said to a crowd of lawyers who chanted for Mr. Musharraf’s resignation. The rally here on Saturday was part of a series of marketplace demonstrations between the capital, Islamabad, and this nearby city to show support for the lawyers movement. The lawyers are planning a week of anti-Musharraf demonstrations, called Black Flag Week after the protesters’ flags and armbands.

Nine other Supreme Court justices also remain in detention; about 50 High Court judges have refused to be re-appointed under the Musharraf government. Mr. Ahsan and another prominent lawyer, Tariq Mahmood, were released from house arrest 10 days ago. [for more click on the heading here]


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