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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

chalo, chalo!

Alright, so you think I should change?

Change for what? Why change? Change into what?

So you do not like me when I go into this query mode? Tell me what should I do when you ask me a question? If I think of world peace, and deflect, than I am not being my normal self! If I answer honestly than the night skies are lit up! So, instead of this I should be composing a poem? Well, I had a mind to do so, but who will read?

No, no, I am not writing this for the Chowkies! Qasm say!

Then why am I writing this? Just so, yaar please let me ........what is this? Alright, so I am not what I was, or what you perceived me to be when Pinky's father was still alive. These curvaceous question marks bother you? Well, I never thought of them as such, but if they are curvaceous what can I do? No, I do not find the sexual angle in everything. Really? How can one decently argue with you? Or discuss? Or converse?

Look, tell me like it is. I do not mind. But, why drag all South Asian males into this? Hey, hon, fantasies are not limited to South Asian males? What, you guys never think about Waheed, Dilip, ShahRukh, Imran, Leonardo, Ricky? Honestly? No?

Yeah, I had a thing for Zeenie babe in her prime, but who would not? Madhuri? Well she was cute but lately one can see the emerging love handles slowly embracing her midriff? I watch her with microscopic eyes? NahiN yaar, it is the costumes the directors make her wear. No, I am not deflecting again. Yaar, is it possible to have a decent jhagra with you?

Is not today the week's end? Don't you know how I hate driving? So what happened when you enquired about what we should do this evening? I should have said, let us invite Mehboob and Farhat. You would say they are out of town. I would pretend to think and say, let us invite Bash and Raf, and you would say their in laws are visiting them. Then how about Amar and Sarv? No, they are going to the show. Perhaps then I should have said, how about Afghani?

And who knows, you may have acquiesced. Instead, the bholla that I am, I said let us have Afghani over. Afghani? You almost yelled, he does not even drink tea. Okay, okay you did not say that! Yes, you did not mention tea at all. But I am trying to convey your feelings towards the whole situation. You think I will never understand? Only when I want to? So what if he does not drink tea. He drinks other drinks, makes nice conversation, we do go back ways, don't we? You really think he brings her up that often? Yaar, maybe when he visits us, we remind him of when they were together? Maybe he wishes if things were handled differently they would still be together.

Hey, you would really like just the two of us on the rocking chair in the porch? Nah, too Norman Rockwellish!

Okay. so Afghani is out. What do you mean you knew it? I will surf the net. Chowk? Yeah, I have some friends there. Cyber friends? Well, yes. At least they will not prevail upon your time. No? You want to spend time with me? Okay how about finishing Abdullah Hussain or Zulfiqar Ghose?

Alright, I will not go near the Chowk. Pass me that Saqi book, please.

(The phone rings).

Can you please answer? Razi and Razzi? No, I am not home! How can one converse or even pretend to with folks who do not own ANY books? Who do not read even the headlines? And their over fed brat? So what if she went to HomeEc with you?

Well, that is a partially spent weekend for you. Or is it?


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