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Sunday, August 14, 2005

here somewhere/yaheeN kaheeN

Here Somewhere
Passed through mosques and schools,
houses and whorehouses
passed by lit boulevards
dark narrow passages
keeping friends, foes at bay
stepped over dusty footprints
of countless angel faces
crossed the bay
of promises and accusations
-----mutual and one-sided
passed through striving eternal
and unknowingly
ended up here, somewhere.

JourneyĆ­s every step
is irreversibly imprinted
in the recesses of mind
except belief
of direction
speed, and destination.

Submerged in this ocean
of disbelief
ended up here, somewhere.

YaheeN KaheeN
Guzar kar masjid-o-madressah say
makeen gah kameen gah say
guzar kar oojagar rahouN say
tareek pug dandiouN say
doustouN dushmanouN say gurayz kar
janay kitni
pari chehrouN ki gird-e-paa kou
ooboor kar kay
baahemi wo yaktarfaa
waadouN taanouN ki khaleej
ooboor kar kay
guzar kar joostooju-e-azli say
najanay kaisay
pohanch gaya houN yahaN.

Har ik rah-e-safar
naqsh hay, oojagar hay, sabt hay
zehn kay har dou goushay maiN
bajooz yaqeen

Is behr-e-ghair yaqeeni maiN ghouta.zan
najanay kaisay
pouhanch gaya hooN yahaaN kaheeN


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