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Friday, August 19, 2005

canvas of life

What am I doing here? I never thought I'd feel so aloof but I do. ---bat

on the canvas of life
we are choice-less drifters
family, earth, city, country
did any body ask us?

on the canvas of life
once the strokes are learned
we choose friends, activities
but do we?
are things ordained?
or chosen?
not by us, for us?

jab'r o qad'r: free will or rfrdained?
these are ageless musings
keeping logs burning long
and in good company
we dwell on nature's nature
inconclusively but with passion
beggars we are, some say
beg to differ others
we make our destiny!
no, fates makes us!
don't know much about luck
but the messes have landed in
have been of only my making
that is certain ask me!


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