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Friday, August 19, 2005

two true loves - or one?

droplets---dew, water, tear
drop by drop traverse
their destiny down faces,
petals, streams, rivers every
single love path ends but there
potter, washerwoman, saint
sufi, sanyasi, sahabi
hazrat, wali-auliya, pir

of all religions, regions
yours, mine and
that meccan orphan's
the last of the suffering
prophets upon whom we
shower salaams and d'roods
all drops, all hopes, all paths
lead to Him only lead to Him
be warned, be leery, be wary
among His multitudes are many
who love Him simply, talk and obey
and do His bidding singularly
directly with intercession none
they wear not religion for display
on their sleeves or their foreheads
and their hearts you cannot inspect
in your love of interceders
be careful, lest you get carried away
do not mistake trees...for what they aren't
this sinner is full of passion
for two recipients only
one for temporal love
other for heavenly
both sans intercessors


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