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Friday, August 19, 2005

of images, words, gods and love

fires, floods, baby's first
smile, steps, words
transport to worlds unseen
cultures and times removed
forming, informing, learning, unlearning
dreaming and wondering
if you were there
playing god
would you change the course, nudge them
make, unmake, re-boot
tinker with the past
for the present?
since that first moment
of locking eyes, hearing voice
quivering touch, embrace
despite turns, bends and pitfalls
wounds, abrasions, hurts
timely treated with balm of caring,
doses of wit, bandages of love
stitched with kisses and embraces
an un-temporal, unabashed ride
no, would not play god
nor change one bit, comma or period
of this script my amour


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