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Friday, August 19, 2005

hatred, intolerance bonding: Allah Qur'an separating

forget that raj uniting us
united we are
in hatred and intolerance
and sister, by islam
divided we stand
in that seminar room
as passionately i enquired
is your allah, mine and yours
is your muhammed, mine and yours
are they same or different?
the room full of beards and hijabs
looked at each other
Öand looked some more
and silence thundered
hatred and intolerance
binding us (allah,muhammed keeping us apart)
qur'an dividingÖ
brother overheardÖ
'my muhammed said white'
another brother says
'my muhammed said black'
don't tell me sister 'myÖ.
Öand later
the brothers grabbed
in the name of the prophet
in the name of the merciful
thaaa thaaa
there you go
inna lillah-eÖÖ
inna lillahÖtoo bad yaar
you know they were shias
too badÖthey were sunnis
too badÖthey were ahmadis
too badÖthey were barelvis
too bad yaarÖtoo bad...
laikin woh tou mera bhai thaa
laikin woh tou meri beh'n thee
yeh tou bahar say aaya hay
issay tou idhar ka
kuch pata hee nahiN hay

and returning to the frozen north
marvel i at the irony
the very religion that divides
brother from brother there
is held in scorn
as a force evil
for their voodoo wrath
and for all of them here
all of us there
are badÖtoo badÖtoo bad


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