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Friday, May 07, 2010

snapped lift wire

like most men am the author
of my misfortunes and have
accumulated a vast
reservoir of near neat
excuses, explanations
and far fetched apologies
to keep love-boat's keel even
nothing new in that, you may say

was savoring her words flowing
in my veins, the blood now laced
with corpuscles of laughter
the world is mine each throbbing
from the ventricles shouted

as the laughter overwhelmed
in a dizzied euphoria
like most men (yes, again)
i promised myself to
avoid pitfalls prolonging
the laughter laced rapture
this thought further heightened
the drugless highs when the news
that the toilet trip lever
divorced the upper lift wire
damn (them) cliches, who could've guessed


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