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Sunday, December 08, 2013


  1. the masochist enjoyed giving herself Brazilians with tweezers - so clean.
  2. she was not autistic.despite her frequent seizures harriet became an icon for freedom from slavery.
  3. thanks : prompts are: autism, Harriet Tubman, shrubbery tagging prev anthos here:
  4. spread your wings fly because you were meant to not because you can. wear your wound like a memory out of a scar
  5. Eventually Harriet the spy grows up to be a selfie obsessed instagrammer with 3.6 kids in KL and never thinks about her binoculars.
  6. Some are born with an autistic mind, and some acquire autistic vision by refusing to look beyond the opaque walls of their beliefs.
  7. Before one battle ends another begins. Now it is for her to decide which is the greater enemy.
  8. Prompts for from : autism, Harriet Tubman, shrubbery. Pls RT.


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