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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


  1. recipe for disaster 1 ageing empire (filleted) 1 100 year egg (ripe) Cup of oil Roast til juices run clear
  2. they bombarded the barrier with eggs as an armed adult told them what laws they were breaking
  3. a vicar's wife; an oscillating finger; a shot rang out; a decision finally made.
  4. curate's egg-pak version finally the families surrendered was a good shia sunni wedding the TTP bomber the only fatality
  5. Heroes tripping over their vices, killing the lofty dreams of the young. Awe replaced by righteous indignation. "How could he!"
  6. The dragon's tooth was meant to cure, but they died of the stench.
  7. As she moved closer to the beast she grew more brittle.
  8. prompts: dragons teeth; curates egg; officious, tagging for


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