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Friday, December 06, 2013


  1. I stand without layers I am without the need to be many ; I am complete
  2. outwardly he was hard as granite, inside a softie, that is the story of many a macho men.
  3. "It's a cat's eye stone. It took eons to form." "They killed cats?" "No, only disemboweled Earth." "I don't know which is worse."
  4. His imaginary son Israel became a conspiracy in spite of never even being born.And he didnt even have anything to do with the prompts
  5. She entered my blood stream, spread her poison and emptied me out. All that remains is hardened fossil. Look, ye mighty, and despair.
  6. I ponder restless, seeking the ring of rings and the ring of the return, eluded in the dendrochronology of our love affair.


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