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Monday, December 02, 2013


  1. Prompts for : Nuclear, Khorasan, Meera Bai. Welcome to join the family by building stories around the said prompts.
  2. As reported by the daily Ummat, Senator Kerry was found in Geneva doing kathak over 'Dance me to the end of world'. He did well.
  3. As the sun set on the Empire of Beards, I began to believe. Then came the blinding light.
  4. kehnay laga ik majzoob sub bhas'm ho ja'aiN gay raakh ho ja'aiN gay ik din kiya sufi aur kiya sant zinda rahayga srif ish'q
  5. the rajput princess could compete with the best of khorasan sages in ultimate devotion and single mindedness.
  6. ": Amazon unveils Prime Air: autonomous octacopters delivering packages in 30 mins." Instant karma. The drones cometh...
  7. Black armies rose like deadly clouds as the figure in divine white sang loud and clear. The atheists were as doomed as the believers.


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