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Saturday, November 23, 2013


  1. no enigma whom we disown the world owns whom we own (well, some of us) the world disowns
  2. koi bola salam kisi na kaha shalom, namaste aur muskura'aye prof abdus salam
  3. Hi! And maybe in Klingon, shalom means: Gaza belongs to me.
  4. She entered the room and greeted him with shalom. Abdus Salam was too taken in by her beauty to return a greeting.
  5. He knew no peace & learnt from the faithful, the science of infidelity
  6. Praise be to Allah, brothers! The Zionist-Ahmedi conspiracy of progress and enlightenment has been well and truly thwarted.
  7. prompts for salam, shalom, abdus-salam. tagging for pls RT


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