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Sunday, November 17, 2013


  1. : the more he neared her the farther she moved reality blending with mirage or was it highway fatigue?
  2. once the smoke cleared and the mirrors cracked, a very small man emerged
  3. to conjure common meaning within a common language is a reflective art
  4. When tricks 6,7,8 failed repeatedly, the Great Gazu decided it was the right time to 'disappear'. Too bad the sharks were real.
  5. liminal blankness is homologous to the indeterminate Mixed Race subject .
  6. ...and some days, you're so distorted, I just can't believe it's you. So I blame it on your race, your genes, your mom.
  7. thanks : prompts for conjuring, homologous, specular,tagging for
  8. prompts for conjuring, homologous, specular, tagging for


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