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Thursday, May 30, 2013


  1. Mysterious green lights danced at night atop the dark mountain. &then 1 night the lightning struck &the green lights danced nevermore
  2. The best memory is the cheese omelette he made for me after the long journey to Quetta.Simpler lives are missed terribly..
  3. The exhausted doubt Did it come first or second? Only the hen knows
  4. Listlessly editing sonatas, editor thought of her persona non grata, & decided to end it a la Spatra. What an omellete.
  5. arey behna aaj ik baat such kehdo maza kya oos ish'q maiN jahaaN ho raqeeb ghair haazir
  6. Prompts for from the astonishing : fatigue, Frittata, memoir. Pls RT.
  7. The ragged gypsy girl admired her reflection in windows of the shining black Mercedes. Inside, an aging fat landlady twirled in envy.


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