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Saturday, October 06, 2012


upon discovery her fury was proverbial: dissing his entreaties, dissing his pleas..dishoom..dishoom...such was the dissonance #TS302 ,

#TS302 Dis appeared in a dream and Dis enchanted me with a smorgasbord of tasty treats for tired girls. (Dis tastes good!)

Dissed by life,dismissed by the wife.Was distinguished once, disenchantment now rife.Happiness gone,replaced by strife. Man #%$ dis! #TS302

#TS302 The local distro failed to carry their entire discography. "The Distillers just never reached those dizzying heights", he explained.

"Ima leave dis house, dis town, dis country. It aint given me nothin but trouble. I aint got no place 'ere fer me",the artist sobbed. #TS302

#TS302 disagreement over disbursement/discord/dismissed the discovery/disillusions distracted'em for long/disassociation/distanced for life

#TS302 The disturbing dismissal of her disappointments disclosed a distance between them. Discord sat in the room, discomfiture on its lips.


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