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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Nawwab and i: Inconsequential

Each cause has more than one effect, and these effects will invariably include at least one unforeseen side-effect. The unintended side-effect can be more significant than the intended effect. The "law" of unintended consequences
t: Rhythm.
N: Order.
t: Balance.
N: Sequence.
t: Consequence.
N: In-consequence.
t: Intentional?
N: Unintentional
t: Written
N: Written or unwritten.
t: In Law?
N: Forget in-laws
t: In Law? Legal?
N: Laws of unintended consequences*
t: this
N: Woof, woof.
t: When I agreed to take you in I had no idea... idea of profiting from it.
t: Profiting from tidying up after you? Feeding you? Nursing you?
N: Don't go over board. You are way better company than that hydrant.
t: Ouch! For a well read dog you seemed to have missed out on gratefulness Nawwab.
N: And for a poet you have lost your muse.


t: Why are we watching Faux News?
N: To get a feel for their baying.
t: Bigotry?
N: Wrong b word. Business.
t: They do make money for Murdoch.
N: Smart not bigoted.
t: Bigotry raised to an art form.
N: As in iron and wood?
t: (smile)
N: Or as in rage and jealousy?
t: And infidelity.
N: Goes on to show money cannot buy you sense.
t: Or sensible PR aides.
N: Looks like he gave up before the first volley was fired.
t: Heard they were in intense therapy.
N: Character is what you are in the dark.
t: Who said that?
N: Abe or Moody.
t: Darkness and Light are the great levelers.
N: There, be are about to slip.
t: Both can be so blinding.

t: Omama is opting for surge and purge.
N: And then renege.
t: Are you hinting Vietnam?
N: What does war means for you?
t: Death, destruction, subjugation, politics by another means.
N: War is also oxygen, for big business.
t: Full freezer and empty bowls.
N: The eternal tussle between the haves and the have-nots
t: You should be a poet.
N: Don't deflect. Wars are about man's greed.
t: Greed is bottomless.
N: And wars never disappear.
t: MBIC.
N: Ike struck out bureaucrats. It is MIC.
t: Dreams of dominating a world ...
N:...that would cease to exist if they win.
t: 2012?
N: Calendars are man made.
t: Why are you so enigmatic Nawwab?
N: Woof, woof.


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