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Monday, March 01, 2010

Save a Mother, Aurat: Kaifi Azmi, How India lost the plot in talks, The White Lie of Herzl

Save a Mother By Shiban Ganju

"Aurat" by Kaifi Azmi

uTh merii jaan mere saath hii chalnaa hai tujhe

qalb-e-mahoul meiN larzaaN sharar-e-jang haiN aaj
hausley waqt ke aur ziist ke yakrang haiN aaj
aabgiinoN meiN tapaaN walwale-e- sang haiN aaj
husn aur ishq ham aawaaz-o-humaahang haiN aaj
jis meiN jaltaa huuN usi aag meiN jalnaa hai tujhe

Get up, my love, you have to walk with me

sparks of war waver in the air
time and life have the same spirit
delicate decanters hiss with the heat of rocks
beauty and love harmonise melodiously
You too have to be ignited by the fire that burns me

John Lundberg: Three Poems By The Late Lucille Clifton
Israel police storm holy site to quell rioters
U.S.: Blackwater's Migraines Multiply
JORDAN: Where Iraqi Women Are Also Fathers
How India lost the plot in talks -Rao, who was firm enough during the talks, made one serious mistake. She forgot a basic law of Indo-Pak diplomacy. She left the last word to Salman Bashir. Her hurry to brief the media was inexplicable; it was Bashir who had to go take a flight out of Delhi. She could have waited. We lost the plot both before and after the talks.
Chile Earthquake Pictures: Quake Spurs Tsunami Threat
World" href="" target=_blank>Chile Toll at 700; 2 Million Are Displaced
World" href="" target=_blank>Frustrated Strivers in Pakistan Turn to Jihad
The White Lie of Herzl
Filmfare Awards: 3 Idiots, Dev D shine Special Pics


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