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Monday, March 01, 2010

A depoliticised democracy begins to breed fascism, Karachi’s sewerage, Only MQM explains assets, others don’t care

People celebrating the festival of Holi take part in a traditional colour fight at the Balmik Mandir in Neela Gumbad. Hindus around the country celebrated the festival of colours with zeal on Sunday. afp
Karachi’s sewerage may choke entirely
Pakistan wipes out half of Quetta Shura - In a major policy shift, the powerful Pakistani establishment seems to have decided to abandon the former Taliban rulers of Afghanistan by agreeing to launch a massive crackdown against their command-and-control structure, which has already led to the arrest of nine of the 18 key members of the Mullah Omar-led Quetta Shura from different parts of Pakistan, and that too within a short span of two months.
Asif Ezdi - Gilani has to decide whether he wants to serve the country or Zardari.
Chris Cork - The young men and women who set up this tiny school did so for no other reason than they saw a niche need that they could fill. They had no major donors and still don’t. Their aspirations are realistic, they have limited their goals to ones they can achieve and go about their work with little thought of profit or recognition beyond the occasional visiting gora. The children were obviously happy, they were confident and outgoing and excited at the prospect of going off to the safari park in the afternoon for an alfresco prize-giving. I wished them luck as I said my goodbyes and went off for a lunch in Zamzama that cost as much as it would have cost to sew thirty school uniforms.

analysis: Midas’s gold —Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

The powerless provincial government in Balochistan, if it has a modicum of decency, should quit immediately to absolve itself of the responsibility of exploitation and destruction of Balochistan’s resources and environment


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