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Saturday, February 27, 2010

El-Baradei with Moussa, Islamabad ready to deal, Khan Academy: How to Calculate the Unemployment Rate

El-Baradei with Moussa
Islamabad ready to deal
The El-Baradei phenomenon
A writer with a different agenda
India and Pakistan talk - all over again
THE MOGAMBO GURU : Stupidity guaranteed
The epistolary duelling of Anna Ford and Martin Amis Kathryn Hughes
Michael Tomasky: Vocabulary quiz, puzzler's edition
Mainstream Media Questions Inaccuracies In 9/11 Story
Five hundred Montreal artists speak out against Israeli apartheid
Khan Academy: How to Calculate the Unemployment Rate And he was right: Thousands of students and others are brushing up on their math by going on his Web site, Khan Academy, or on YouTube, to review trigonometry, geometry, basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, calculus and dozens of other subjects. But as a true renaissance man, Khan wants to go beyond math and post lessons on everything from biology and physics to history and grammar.


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