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Sunday, February 14, 2010

It is obvious, my dear Watson A Stink Bomb

Environmental ‘strategic depth’

Help Us Reconstitute the Movement of Hope
Dick Francis obituary
The indispensable intellectual
A Stink Bomb
Murder Of Shahid Azmi, Assault On The Heart Of The Indian Democracy

VIEW: This woman scorned —Reem Wasay

While they staged rallies to bring the women’s liberation movement to the forefront in the West, we were being silenced into submission, while they rectified their divorce laws to grant an egalitarian position to the women who screamed for freedom, we were still battling with our polygamous traditions

Pakistani women are some of the most violated and exploited in the world. Cultural conventions and age-old praxis have rendered us monopolised muppets upon whom ugly precedents have been set. Women who do not employ the indulgences forgiven the bourgeois are bartered and compromised like cattle when it comes to settling a male incited dispute, more than 300 women are killed to defend blighted family honour almost every year, young girls are married off to catheter carrying old men before they hit puberty lest they be mature enough to decide for themselves, and rape is a catchphrase frequently enlisted to subdue and overpower the wilfulness of women across the country’s landscape. Against such brazen odds, the Pakistani woman is still seen persevering and emerging as a force to be reckoned with.

It is obvious, mr dear Watson - Could it be that the army rules not through the barrel of a gun but because of their intellectual superiority? Could it be that the army rules because our politicians have failed to institutionalise politics? Could it be that the army rules because our political parties do not transcend individual human intentions? Could it be that the army rules because it has structures, mechanisms of social order along with strategic thinking?


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