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Friday, February 12, 2010

Pakistan is my biggest worry: Biden, Cyril, Muzaffar

Group: Airport body scans defy Islamic law - don't travel, take a camel ride

Cyril Almeida - The generals are so pleased about their ‘success’ in recovering the security situation inside Pakistan and the possibility of a big say in the future of Afghanistan that they seem to have skipped right past the bit about introspection over why we are where we are today.
Muzaffar Iqbal - These scholars have left behind a mark of scholarship yet to be surpassed. And they have become inaccessible to millions of Muslims who cannot read the language of their most cherished Book. These scholars include Ibn Jarir al-Tabari, whose monumental commentary remains a major reference for all subsequent works during the last 1100 years, Ibn Kathir, by whose un-named grave in Damascus I had stood a few days ago, al-Qurtubi, al-Baydawi, and numerous others whose remembrance carried by the winds of His Mercy softened the receptive hearts. There were tears in the eyes and the confirmation that despite their alienation from the Book and centuries of scholarship on it, Muslims were still intimately attached to this source of guidance. That, despite tremendous destruction and havoc taking place in our land, the love of the Quran was still the most important moving force in the psyche of our people and that everything could be set right by a revival of the spiritual and intellectual traditions that had been covered up by recent aberrations.


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