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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The French Imam, Bob Herbert, New Findings Suggest Spiritual Center in Brain, This Is Not Literature, My Love

A Deal with the Taliban?

For a French Imam, Islam’s True Enemy Is Radicalism
New Findings Suggest Spiritual Center in Brain
The Butterfly Dream - Fawwaz Haddad, The Unfaithful Translator, Beirut: Riyad El-Rayyes, 2008, 488 pages
Fluffing peacock feathers - Cotton, Climate and Camels In early Islamic Iran: A Moment in World History, by Richard Bullet, New York: Columbia University Press, 2009. PP22
HM Naqvi shoots cocaine, smart patois and energy into the tired 9/11 novel
Bob Herbert: We missed the boat then, and lord knows we’re missing it now.
Republicans and Medicare
A Calculus of Writing, Applied to a Classic
Christopher Hitchens and Claudius Galenus on Sports
This Is Not Literature, My Love Iman Mersal, These Are Not Oranges, My Love: Selected Poems, translated by Khaled Mattawa, Riverdale-on-Hudson, New York: The Sheep Meadow Press, 2008
The forgotten tribe - On the tenth anniversary of his death, Samir Sobhi pays oblique tribute to the late writer Ihsan Abdel-Quddous
Why the New Atheists are SO 19th Century
Totally Occupied: 700 Military Bases Spread Across Afghanistan


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