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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Essay: Why Orwell Endures, SPENGLER : The case for an Israeli strike against Iran

Books" href="" target=_blank>Essay: Why Orwell Endures
Danger from the New Brahmins
CANADA: Khadr Case Raises Broad Questions on Child Combatants
SPENGLER : The case for an Israeli strike against Iran
Outgoing Nazim reviews city govt’s four-year achievements

'Reforming' the constitution' Part II - To strengthen the parliamentary system, the bare minimum would be to restore to the prime minister the powers of appointment of the Governors, top posts in the military and the judiciary, which the 17th Amendment transferred to the President. In addition, the other changes made by Zia in Articles 90 to 96, which deal with the election of the Prime Minister and his removal through a vote of no confidence, should also be scrapped and the original language of these Articles should be restored. One of the leftovers of the Zia regime is that the president still enjoys the power to require the prime minister to obtain a vote of confidence from the National Assembly. In a fluid political situation, this would enable the president to destabilise a sitting government and replace it with one of his choice. This should not be allowed. Besides, the original Article 96, which provided for a "constructive" vote of no confidence, should be restored. This means that a vote of no confidence would only be passed if a successor is named in the same resolution.

COMMENT: Supporting the anti-acid bill, not NGOs —Miranda Husain

We must recognise that here, in Pakistan, patriarchy is not always the sole subjugator of women. At times, those very
non-governmental organisations that profess to promote the safeguarding of women’s human rights are party to their servitude


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